The Spotlight Toner Series

Three vitamin-packed toners that brighten, balance out your skin texture, and clarify.

But how do you choose the right one for your skin type? We created a quiz so that you can see which is right for your skin.

Want the short version?

For a more even tone (and to dial up the glowiness), apply Episode 1: Brighten Up. Plant friends like agastache mexicana pump up our glow with illuminating antioxidants that help even out skin tone. Hydrating ingredients create a shield of moisture that keeps good stuff in and gross stuff out. 

Apply Episode 2: Clear the Way, which has mattifying ingredients to help balance oil so our skin stays clear. Every drop supports our skin’s natural defenses against pore-clogging baddies like pollution.

If you notice that you have an oily t-zone but dryness on other areas of the face, apply Episode 3: Balance It Out. This daily toner keeps skin calm and centered with a balancing blend of ingredients that controls oil and keeps our microflora happy and healthy.

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