Stressed Skin? Say Less!
Stressed Skin? Say Less!

Stressed Skin? Say Less!



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In search of a new skincare routine whenever your skin needs a little extra T.L.C? Well... look no further! Start with Clear The Way Clarifying Face Wash to help control oil, minimize the appearance of pores, & exfoliate skin for a smoother, softer texture. Next, use our Clear The Way Clarifying Toner to help support your skin’s natural defenses against pore-clogging baddies. Then, use Dreamy Drops Clarifying Serum to help unclog pores & bring clarity to stressed skin. Finally, grab the Oh Whale! Clear Lip Balm to comfort your lips whenever they’re feeling sad. Act now with this bundle, & thank us later!

This bundle includes Clear The Way Clarifying Face Wash, Episode 2: Clear the Way Clarifying Toner, Oh Whale! Clear Lip Balm, Dreamy Drops Clarifying Serum


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Vitamins, antioxidants, botanicals, and other clean ingredients. We create safe products that really work and are designed to make you feel good. No parabens, sulfates, animal testing or animal by-products, ever!